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Crispy pork and other stories

Vietnamese Style Crispy Roast Pork Salad Last week at the Northampton Saturday Farmers Market I traded a huge bag of produce for an enormous pork butt with Pete from Mockingbird Farm. That thing was ...

Basic Mushroom Sauté

Ingredients: Cooking Oil (olive or other) Mushrooms Garlic or shallots or cipollini onions, usually not more than one of those Ham, bacon or pancetta, optional White wine, sherry, Port or Ma ...

Potatoes Smothered with Shallots

This recipe is adapted from Julie Sahni's Classic Indian Cooking. It couldn't be simpler but the flavor is incredible. Sometimes we add turmeric and brown mustard seed, fried briefly in the oil until ...


Storage Shallots should be stored at room temperature in a dry location like the kitchen counter or cupboard for up to 3 months. Root Cellar Like garlic, onions, and winter squash, onions should be k ...